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CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Split laser marking machine is very fast, efficient, stable, and durable, it can be used in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, other metals, hard plastics, hardware tools, industrial accessories, etc. Depending on the power, different laser printing effects can be obtained on metal materials.

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plants, Machinery Shops, Printing Shops, Advertising Companies, etc.

  • Type: CO2 Laser Marking Machine
  • Laser power: 35W
  • Marking area:¬†110√ó110/200x200mm
  • Graphic Format Supported: Ai, Dxf, Dst, Plt, Bmp, Jpg, Gif, TGA, Png, Tif, etc.
  • Gross weight: 65 kg | Pcs in Carton: 1 | Carton size: 32X55X68 cm

CO2 Laser Marking Machine 35W with Table & Computer

CO2 Laser Marking Machine 35W, with the fastest speed scanner, table model with computer and rotary.

  • Stable Performance and Long Service Life
  • High Efficiency, High Speed, High Reliability
  • User-friendly Marking Control Software
  • Fast Processing of Popular Materials


  • Marking and Engraving:¬†Our CO2 laser marking machines are ideal to use for marking serial numbers, barcodes, logos, and other identifiers on products.
  • Cutting:¬†In addition to marking, CO2 lasers are suitable for cutting through materials such as acrylic, wood, and leather.

Fume Extractor & Smoke Purifier for Laser Machine

  • High-Quality Air Dust Collector Air Cleaning Equipment for Laser Cutting/marking & Engraving Machine 6040
  • Laser smoke removal and deodorization
  • It Has Large purification and removal of smoke and smog
  • Easy to operate and energy-saving.
  • Solve the problem of laser processing odor and clean the air in the house in an all-around way.

Fume Extractor DW-210 for Smoke, Dust & Odor

  • It is suitable for manual soldering, laser marking, inkjet printers, laboratories, and other places with smoke and odors.
  • Multiple filter systems can effectively deal with harmful substances such as smoke, dust, and odor.
  • Utilizes a fan using the negative draft to pull fumes and dust particles into a contained filtration system.
  • It fumes away from the user?s breathing zone and keeps your facility clean.
  • Removes hazardous particles from the air.