7-in-1 Button Badge Maker

7-in-1 Button Badge Maker, create a personalized pin-backed button for personal or commercial use. 4 molds come in 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, or 75mm but you can make up to 7 types of button badges. Make more than one type, depending on your needs!

  • Easily create unique and personalized buttons in bulk.
  • A way to express your creativity.
  • Create paper and film-covered, as well as fabric-covered buttons.
  • Quickly change molds to create buttons of other shapes and sizes.
  • A lighter and more powerful button badge maker.


7-in-1 Button Badge Maker

With the help of the 7-in-1 Button Badge Maker, you may make a special pin-backed button for usage in either private or public situations. There are four 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, or 75mm molds available, but you can make button badges in up to seven different types. Make a variety of types based on your needs!

  • Making distinctive and bespoke buttons in bulk is easy.
  • A way to express one’s creativity.
  • Create fabric, paper, and film-coated buttons.
  • To make buttons in a variety of types and shapes, just swap out molds.
  • A more powerful and lighter button badge maker.
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