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A3 DTF Printer with Dryer Machine

  1. No limit to fabric materials
  2. No need pre-coating
  3. No need plate making
  4. No need for contour cutting
  5. Environment-friendly pigment ink
  6. Small investment, large benefit



A3 DTF Printer with Dryer Machine

A3 Roll-to-Roll DTF Printer with New Technology for Printing on Any Fabric, T-Shirt, Shoes, Jeans, and Bags.

Product Description

This printing solution consists of three parts: (1) a Sublimation printer for pigment ink (2) A machine for shaking powder, (3) A heat press, and (4) printing supplies.

Advantage (1) Universal application, suitable for T-shirts made with any fabric type and backdrop color. (2) After printing, cutting vinyl separately is unnecessary, saving time and labor; (3) Consumables are less expensive, and the result is superior to that of standard sublimation printing.

Shaking powder machine

PET Bottle Blowing Semi-Automatic Machine Machine for making bottles Machine for molding bottles PET plastic containers and bottles of any form can be made using a PET bottle manufacturing machine.

More Details:

  • Print head – number 2 Pcs
  • Print head – XP600
  • Media Type – PET Film (Premium Quality)
  • RIP software – Maintop/Photoprint
  • Type – Inkjet Printer
  • Ink Type – Pigment Ink
  • Voltage – 110v-220v

DTF Printing Process

DTF Printing Process

DTF Printing Sample

DTF Printing Sample


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A3 DTF Printer with Dryer Machine
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