• Material: Polyester | Item Size : 34 x 42 cm | Item Weight: 0.250 kg

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
40 10 kg 40x29x43 cm

Backpack Printing Options

  • Express Print and Screen Printing



Branded backpacks are unique and imaginative products. These goods were constructed of polyester. Polyester is a sturdy, long-lasting textile. These promotional goods’ polyester substance is also wrinkle-resistant. Consequently, you can use these branded backpacks wherever you like. They come in a variety of colors. Blue, black, pink, white, and red can be found on these branded objects. It measures 34 by 42 cm.

Additionally, it weighs 240 grams. Because of its distinctive and attractive shape and design, you may utilize this business gift item anyplace. These backpacks can also be personalized with the name of your business or brand. The company offers you a variety of printing choices. These choices include express printing and screen printing. With the aid of these printing solutions, you can imprint the emblem of your business or brand. They are choices for durable printing. As a result, your brand will be promoted. Additionally, they make the ideal gifts for businesses. These backpacks can be personalized and given as gifts to friends, loved ones, businesses, or brands.

  • Long-lasting, robust, and wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric.
  • Several colors are available.
  • Strong enough to support heavy objects.
  • Stylish and original design.
  • Fantastic promotional item

Printing Options

  • Express Print and Screen Printing

Backpack Printing Details

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