Cork Foldable Mousepads with 10W Wireless Charging

  • Material: Cork | Wireless Output: 10 (W) | Size: 263 x 203 mm | Item Weight: 0.162 kg

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
50 8.5 kg 42 x 28 x 20 cm

Mouse Pad Printing Options

  • UV Printing | Screen Printing


Cork Foldable Mouse Pads with 10W Wireless Charging

Wireless charging mouse pads with a branding option. An outstanding 2-in-1 structure is a wireless charging mouse pad. It is a modernized version of traditional mousepads. It consists of a mousepad with a regular USB cord and an inside charging coil for smartphones or computer mice that support Qi-standard charging. The charging level is indicated by the LED lights on the upper side of the charging surface. We create cork mousepads that are foldable. They prevent your mouse from slipping and make it glide easily. This piece is brown and measures a respectable 263 mm by 203 mm.

This mousepad can be personalized with the name or logo of your business or brand for effective marketing. Get personalized mousepads to promote your business in a contemporary way.

It can serve as both a classy event present for your official gatherings and a budget-friendly corporate gift for your business meetings. Both as a corporate present and as an event gift, it will strengthen your brand’s reputation in the commercial world.

  • Wireless Output: 10W
  • Material: Cork
  • Branding available
  • Size: 263 x 203 mm
  • Item Weight: 0.162 kg
  • Pieces in a Pack: 50 Pcs
  • Carton Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Carton Size: 42 x 28 x 20 cm

Printing Option

  • Screen Printing | UV Printing

Mousepad Printing Instructions

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