Envelope (Wood Free paper 120gsm)
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Flyer Real Size (Glossy paper 170gsm)
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Envelope (Wood Free paper 100gsm)

1.000,00 د.إ5.000,00 د.إ

4 color, wood free paper 100 gsm, available in 1000, 2000 and 5000 quantities. Note: To design this product use the products guideline available on our website and check the open size and finished size of your product. Peal and seal envelopes are coming soon.

  • 1000 PCS
  • 2000 PCS
  • 5000 PCS
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The Envelope made of Wood Free paper 100gsm is a top-notch choice for individuals or businesses looking for a reliable and high-quality envelope for various occasions. This envelope stands out due to its bulk and heavyweight characteristics, which ensure that important documents, invitations, or correspondences are securely and professionally delivered to recipients. Whether it is for personal use or professional correspondence, this envelope truly makes a lasting impression.

As a manufacturer, we take immense pride in crafting envelopes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also of premium quality. The Wood Free paper 100gsm used in the construction of this envelope is carefully sourced, ensuring a durable and sturdy product that can withstand the rigors of handling and transportation. With its heavyweight feel, this envelope exudes a sense of importance and significance, making it ideal for formal occasions, such as weddings, corporate events, or legal correspondences.

In addition to its¬†durability¬†and¬†heavyweight¬†characteristics, this envelope also offers a professional and sleek¬†appearance¬†to enhance its overall appeal. The Wood Free paper gives it a smooth texture while¬†maintaining¬†its strength, and the¬†100gsm¬†weight adds a touch of luxury. Whether you’re sending an important business proposal, a¬†heartfelt¬†invitation, or a letter of¬†gratitude, this envelope will not only protect your contents but also leave a lasting¬†impression¬†on the recipient. Trust in our¬†expertise¬†as a manufacturer to provide you with the perfect¬†envelope¬†to meet your needs.

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1000 PCS, 2000 PCS, 5000 PCS

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