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Simple Burger Box

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4 color, 1 side, , Ivory board paper 250 gsm, Note: To design this product use the products guideline available on our website and check the open size and finished size of your product.

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The Simple Burger Box is a perfect solution for restaurants and food establishments looking for an eco-friendly and affordable packaging option for their to-go burgers. Made from sustainable Kraft material, this burger box offers a sturdy and reliable packaging solution while also being environmentally conscious. By opting for the Simple Burger Box, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and attract eco-conscious customers.

In addition to its eco-friendly attributes, the Simple Burger Box is also a cost-effective choice for businesses that need to package burgers in bulk. With its convenient design and ample space, this packaging option can accommodate multiple burgers, ensuring efficiency and convenience for both the business and its customers. The affordability of the Simple Burger Box makes it an ideal choice for establishments looking for high-quality food packaging solutions without breaking the bank.

Designed specifically for to-go burgers, the Simple Burger Box not only provides a practical and efficient means of packaging but also enhances the overall presentation of the food. The Kraft material lends a natural and rustic look to the packaging, further enhancing the dining experience for customers. This combination of functionality, affordability, and aesthetic appeal makes the Simple Burger Box a standout choice for food establishments seeking dependable and visually appealing food packaging solutions.

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1000 PCS, 2000 PCS, 5000 PCS

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